Tips For Waking Up Naturally

The nature of our environment affects our body hours depending on how bright or dark the environment is. During the time when the environment is dark, the brain usually produces a sleep hormone called melatonin. This hormone usually helps us to fall asleep. When the body is exposed to light, melatonin production stops.

During winter, it is usually darker for longer, since there are shorter days and longer nights. In this case, we need to wake up in the morning before the sun has risen. However, not everyone likes getting up in the morning. Most of us prefer to sleep in or hit the snooze button a few more times. There are several ways in which you can make the process of waking up naturally in the morning much easier.

Keeping your curtains or shades open
You do want the sun to come up and naturally wake you in the morning. This will allow your body some time to wake up naturally before the alarm clock does. Those who have gone camping in a tent probably know exactly what this is about. When the sun comes up, you will naturally start waking up. This is part of your body’s natural rhythm.

Proper Sleeping Habits
Training your body to wake up naturally in the morning will help to shake off the morning cob webs. Having a habit of sleeping and waking up at specific times every day will make your body feel more naturally rested, and this will enable it to sense the time of an alarm ring is near. It also allows the body to wake up gradually and you will feel a bit more rested.

For those with habits of going to bed late and then wake up at different times in the morning, the body has a hard time figuring out how to stay on schedule. In this case, it will be quite difficult to wake up in the morning, and when you do, you will feel more tired and run down during the day.
New Alarm Clock
Modern alarm clocks are different from the traditional ones in that they wont wake you in the morning with a sudden jolting radio station blaring in your face. Rather, they are made in a way that they try to wake you as naturally as possible. This is done by essentially controlling the amount of light in the bedroom. The alarm clock will slowly lit up the room in a span of about 30 minutes, essentially mimicking the natural sunrise.

These alarm clocks are ideal for those people who sleep in dark rooms where you have to close the curtains for privacy and safety, a basement, or need to wake up before the sun rises. They are also ideal for people who want to wake up a bit more peacefully, or have a hard time trying to wake up in the morning.

These tips will help to align and also regulate the melatonin as well as serotonin production in the body, which makes waking up naturally much easier.